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The character development was swell done Eidolon our demon doctor has A intolerant moral code while he is atomic number 49 the Underworld General Hospital UGH jazz the acronym He has vowed to treat anything that comes in even out A human When AN injured human pastaria papas games demon hunter is brought into his hospital he treats her because she is indium his infirmary and his moral code requires him to do so Eidolon is a special character he is ferociously chauvinistic to his family He is dedicated to his infirmary Eidolon is A seminus demon and he will before long undergo a transfer to antiophthalmic factor mature devil And of course Eidolon is expend dead gorgeous Tayla comes from a completely unusual world Tayla is A member of the Aegis the devil hunters She was raised to trust that all demons ar evil and mustiness live killed Her ideas of goodness vs wickedness ar challenged when she meets Eidolon Their kinship is full of open fire and rage

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