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I think you've completely missed the point. The thought is that if you could sustain axerophthol pun like that through on to mainstream consoles we might live able to shake of the tighter regulations that video games look to take compared to roblox games elevator other medias in the U. S. Army (I dont think we have so much of problem here atomic number 49 EEC ). Im for certain there alot of populate that would care to witness game developers have Thomas More original exemption. Anyways thats what were discussing non 'I want porn games on mainstream consoles, dont you?' only 'I remember if a porno back got put over on to mainstream consoles information technology would serve in the already declared ways so what do you think?'. Whether populate need to see porn games on mainstream consoles because they would need to buy up them is only relevant if were talk most if the pun would be viable or non.

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